Your organization’s story matters. Let’s amplify it.

I can tell your organization’s story

Your organization changes lives and has the stories to back it up. I can help you tell them with passion and depth. Let me help you with that through: Blogs | Website copy | Social media | Email copy | Newsletters | Research Ghost writing | Press releases | Design

Deeply Committed

My passion is helping non-profits reach their audiences more effectively and I commit to making your organization’s vision become reality.


I love working with others to get things done as teamwork makes things happen! You have the vision and I have the words so let’s build something great!

Clear, timely writing

Good storytelling is clear. I turn complex ideas into easy-to-understand sentences. I work with your schedule to make words come to life.


I am a freelance writer and a pastor. Compassion Writing combines my passions for ministry and writing. I have a heart for people and telling stories. I work to promote people, peace, and social justice.

Storytelling is in my nature. My first career was in journalism and I told the stories of people, events, and governments of small towns. My favorite stories were lifting up non-profits and the amazing work they do. I loved being able to put a personal face to the story and I learned that stories are often better told by the people being served than anyone else.

My work in ministry helps me to be a better and more thoughtful storyteller. I led small churches for seven years and I wrote and delivered sermons weekly that connected scripture to people’s lives. I loved telling stories about God’s call for justice and compassion and connecting that to how we can live out our faith today. As an ordained deacon in the United Methodist Church I am called specifically to the ministries of compassion and justice.

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